Orthopedic dress shoes fall - winter

Dress Collection, Shoes for templates - Fall - Winter Women with delicate feet need special attention, especially when choosing the ideal shoe for special occasions, and is that this type of designs are usually narrow and uncomfortable, causing many discomforts in feet sensitive by themselves. This torture is suffered by all women with feet that need certain care, especially those that require the use of custom made templates, for which to find shoe for special dressing templates and that properly shelter the feet can become a difficult challenge overcome.But at Alviflex we know exactly what women with delicate feet need at the footwear level, that's why we have designed a unique special width footwear line: our Autumn and Winter Dress Collection, with beautiful and trendy pieces, with special models for Take care of your delicate feet without sacrificing a little style and good taste, because that special occasion deserves to wear a beautiful outfit but that allows you to be comfortable.With wide widths to allow the use of templates with total comfort, we have the best materials on the market to guarantee comfortable and at the same time beautiful models. Our designs shelter the foot by isolating it correctly from the cold, but also allowing it to be ventilated and free of sweating. Shoes for insoles for this winter Our aesthetic models allow you to be fashionable without sacrificing the health of your feet, being able to wear the most comfortable shoes even on the most elegant occasions. In our Fall and Winter Dress Collection we have flexible and non-slip sole pieces with discreet heels that add an extra touch of elegance but without causing the slightest hassle.In our range you will find booties, high boots with wide cane and closed shoes that offer you all the protection of the cold that your feet need while guaranteeing your comfort thanks to our ample shoes, our soles that adequately cushion the impact when walking and our materials Of high quality, thought exclusively for those sensitive feet that require the best attentions. That wearing dress shoes become synonymous with comfort thanks to a line in which good taste and comfort can go hand in hand without difficulty. With the best designs on the market in shoes for templates and delicate feet, at Alviflex we do not take care of maintaining the health of your feet day by day.



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