Comfortable hammer toe shoes 671

  • Model especially indicated for the most sensitive feet with great ailments. It is manufactured in a special shape for delicate feet with width 14 and is also mounted with the shovel in elastic material that allows an optimal adaptation to feet with bunions, hammer fingers, fingers in claw etc. etc. Like all our footwear, it incorporates an anatomical plant extractable for exchange by corrective templates prescribed by the practitioners. The sole has a good tread base and is made of lightweight and flexible polyurethane which gives us great footing comfort. Its inner lining is on the front of Lycra and contains a small soft tip to give us a feeling of softness and do not scratch your fingers, nails, etc. etc. At the back its lining is of bovine, which gives us good perspiration and comfort in the heel. It is combined in engraved elastic material, leather and black suede to tone.

    This is a therapeutic model that gives solution to serious problems and foot conditions.



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